Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Bingo

Hello World,   Well we went to free bingo in our local shopping mall on Friday and Mum had a very good day.
She won 2x$10 vouchers for K Mart and a $20 meat voucher for our local butcher.
Looking forward to next month..........

The rain seems to have stopped for a while, and, the sun is trying to come out, but with no wind there won't be any drying outside today. It will have to be a tumble dryer in the laundry day.

We watched the Royal Wedding last night (all channels were showing it), and it was lovely.
The ladies fashions --especially the hats --- were interesting in the colour and style choices to say the least.
How the satelite dish hats stayed on is a mystery to me --lots of pins I suppose----
 We wish William and Kate all the best in their life together.

My sister Gwen is hoping to come down on Thursday and spend Mother's Day with Mum and us. She has had bronchitis and hopefully will be well enough for the trip. Mum is looking forward to seeing her.

Three of my Grand-daughters went together to a Justin Bieber live concert on Thursday night and enjoyed screeming themselves hoarse. Glad you all had a good time girls.

Hubby is not impressed at the moment ---the Sat. paper hasn't arrived --- this will put his weekend routine out of whack. He does look forward to the weekend papers.

Mum is having a sleep-in today and when she gets up and sees the (weak) sunshine she will want to do do her washing, and this will involve Going out at regular intervals and turning the clothes inside out and re-hanging them , and turning them upside dowh and re-hanging them so that they get the benifit of the sun from all sides. I understand the logic in doing this-- and Mum takes a great pride in doing things properly..
Me...I'm a hang it out and forget it person;     
Anyway I'd better get a move on with the daily chores so I can help Mum later.

News Flash ------The paper has arrived ---we're back on track.

Bye for now and God Bless

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  1. Hi Barb, I'm popping in to leave you a link to the new blog I told you about this morning. is the address and the blog title is A Simple Wife.

    You can click on my photo of the quilted heart or on 'Simple Wife' at the top of this comment to go to the blog.

    And if you go to Lily-Rose Cottage and scroll through my blog list you'll find it in there too.
    Well it's getting colder now and I have no wood chopped so it looks like I'll be turning the heater on soon :-)
    Hope Mum's washing got to dry a bit..but I suppose she had to use the dryer after all :-D