Friday, April 22, 2011

Knitted Squares

Hello World,
Yesterday we delivered 104 knitted squares to our local charity. Mum was thrilled to see them go to be made into blankets for the needy.( not bad for a 94yr old lady,eh!) Mum has made knitting these squares her mission. It's wonderful to see her interested in making a difference in the life of others. She motivated her niece to knit squares too.  Good one Mum!!
Mum has arthritis in her hands, but she does'nt like to sit around doing nothing, so she knits squares in all colours. It's like watching a rainbow coming to life.
We originally sewed the squares into baby blankets, but now we donate the squares as squares so they can be put together to make ponchos,knee rugs,scarves etc. as needed.
I hope I can be as productive in my old age as Mum is in her's.
Love ya Mum xxxx

Bye for now
God Bless


  1. 104!!!
    Wow Barb..I know you and Mum are good knitters..but 104?!
    That's fantastic.
    I'm proud of you both :-)
    And I'm sure you'll still be crafting like crazy when you get to that age too!
    love you.. Trish

  2. Barb,

    Wow! Your Mom surely is one talented lady! I hope that when I am her age, I can be just as active and creative.

    At any rate, thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment. I always enjoy meeting new ladies in the Blogsphere.

    I hope that you will come and visit me again soon! :) You sure have a nice place here, so I think I'll be back to "chat" with you in the future. :)

    -L. Rose

  3. Hi have such a great relationship for your mother....and you speak so awesome about her. It's nice