Friday, March 4, 2011


Hello everyone at Simple Pleasures,
Last Friday my Mum bought some flower seeds for our planter box outside the kitchen window. I planted them for her that afternoon and by Tuesday some of the seeds had started to sprout.Mum had to stand on tiptoes to see them.Today the plants are taller the sides of the planter box.
My Simple Pleasure this week is Mum's enjoyment in seeing the rapid growth of her seeds and her anticipation for the flowers to come.
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Barb from Australia 


  1. Yes a great simple pleasure...I planted some with my little one and he is so enjoying them pop through the soil...enjoy!

  2. Hi Barb....that's a great simple pleasure.

  3. I want some fast growing seeds like that! Literal seeds for me are too much like the figurative kind. It seems like I plant and plant and plant and nothing grows.

    I would have loved to see your mom's face.

  4. Fantastic Barb!!
    Can't wait to see Mum's lovely flowers :-)
    And that is FAST growth!!
    I could do with some of those seeds too ..

  5. Yes, planting seeds and waiting for them to pop up is such a neat simple pleasure. *grin* I just planted leeks two days ago. Still waiting for them to come up.


  6. Those are the best kinds. It's often hard to be patient with seeds. :(

  7. Barb,
    I can just see your Mom on tiptoe looking at those seedlings coming up! Love it!