Thursday, March 17, 2011


This week I have enjoyed some puzzles...
I like solving crossword puzzles and I hadn't done any for a while.....soo .....this week I indulged myself and attempted to solve three puzzles.
I actually solved two of them.......two out of three .....not bad!!
I also had a puzzle of a different kind happen to me.
Let me explain
We went to Bingo on Monday and after we got home I was having a cup of tea, relaxing, looking out of the kitchen window admiring the flowers on the hedge (as one does)
I glanced away , and when I looked out the window again ...........the flowers were gone --yes gone---like not there any more.
I blinked,looked again,   the flowers were definately gone         What was happening???
Then Kevin came into view with the clippers ......... he was trimming the hedge.
I didn't know he was doing this and he didn't know I was communing with nature.
What timing
We both had a good laugh
My simple pleasure this week is Puzzles...
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Bye for now
God Bless
Barb from Australia


  1. I used to love puzzles. Haven't done one for a long time but maybe on the next rainy day.....Happy St. Pat's Barb

  2. Oh my...this truly must have made you chuckled :)

    I like puzzles...but they do tend to put me in an anxious mood when I can not solve them right away.


  3. *grin* Yes, puzzles add a lot of fun to life. I have such fond memories of putting puzzles together with my mom, dad, and siblings growing up. Come to think of it I need to pull out a puzzle now. [o=


  4. That gave me a good laugh, too, Barb. How funny. My mom loves the daily crossword puzzle. She's a whiz.

  5. Barb, you remind me of both my mom and my husband. They love to do the daily crossword puzzle.

    Now the other kind of puzzle souns more like me. I'll be you two got a good giggle out of the mini mystery.

  6. I dunno -life is fun at your place, Barb!
    I do know what a wiz you are at solving puzzles - printed or otherwise ;-)
    And talking of pear tree has two little bunches of new white flowers that bloomed yesterday.
    Very strange indeed :-o
    It's already flowered in Spring and fruited in Summer and is losing it's leaves now in Autumn, but is throwing out a last ditch effort to fruit again.
    Verrrrry interesting - but confusing!!
    Can you solve that puzzle?

  7. I immediately thought of jigsaw puzzles, I used to love them as a girl. We don't get a daily paper anymore so no crosswords round here. Well done though, 2 out of 3 isn't bad at all!

  8. Such a neat pleasure that I enjoy from time to time ..thanks for sharing

  9. I enjoy puzzles - crosswords, cryptoquotes, word search, and even jigsaw puzzles. A great simple pleasure.


  10. Oh wow, I love the idea of puzzles, the look of a puzzle in progress on a table, the intent look in my children's eyes when they're working on one; but, I don't seem to have the right type of thinking to be able to get more than an occassional piece in the right place!

    I thank you for dropping in at the cottage. I am going to take a look around while I'm here.

    Laura in Missouri

  11. Funny.
    My mom gave me a book of easy crosswords. She said they are easy to do and mild brain exercise and make you feel like you know something!