Friday, March 4, 2011

My Washing Machine

I love the sound of my washing machine!
I can do two things at once - if the machine is going
I can do two things at once - if the washing is on the line (or in the dryer)

I don't like housework, but I like the results of cleaning.
When I tidy up and do my chores while the wash is going ,the sound of the machine makes me feel very efficient.

If I knit or blog or play yahtzee with Mum while washing,I feel the house is working and this is bonus time for me.

Wash day is a feel-good day

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  1. Hello big sister,
    I know what you mean, Barb!
    The hum of a washing machine is music to a housewive's ears :-)
    It makes me feel like I'm being very industrius too.
    Which reminds me..I have washing to hang out :D
    Thanks for joining A Little Bit of Lace today!
    love & hugs..Trish

  2. So very true about that sound. Something about it is music to our ears.

    Thank you for stopping by. I so look forward to Simple Pleasures. What a lovely idea you have given me to frame that picture. ;) Thank you.

    Blessings you way, Barb.