Sunday, February 6, 2011

My O.C.D. kicked in

Hello people,
My wardrobe looks neat and tidy.
All t-tops and cammis  that are not partnered up with blouses or 3 piece outfits are hung and colour coded.
All blouses are hung.
All trousers and jeans are flat in the drawer.
All jumpers and cardigans folded on shelves.


The bad news...........
1  I had 30 pairs of trousers ---now I have 15
2  All told I had 162 t-tops and cammis (It embarrasses me to admit that) and after matching them into outfits  and hanging them up  ------I still have 99 of them in my wardrobe. It does't look like that many, but it is.  I'm still in shock .............

I didn't stick to a colour scheme because everything I now have goes with my trouser colours of blue, black brown or grey, and 1pair of red .

I TRIED to be more severe with myself,  but thats as far as I got bfore the O.C.D. kicked in and it became too stressful to let things go.....
I think I did a good days work ...

Bye for now
God Bless


  1. Well done!!
    That was a great days work, Barb :-)
    I know you feel much better now that it's done.

  2. Last year I did one of the blogging challenges about getting dressed each day...well before I could do that I had to clean out my closet. It was like therapy to me, getting rid and sounds like you are on your way also. Enjoy the fruit of your labor.

  3. I SO need to do this....You have inspired me!