Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello World--
Over the coming week I plan to drastically overhaul my wardrobe........
I have too many clothes that I don't wear (some of them are years old ,never worn, still with tickets on)
Something has to change !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have some basic ideas of how to go about this overhaul.

One colour, or tones of one colour, tops and trouser sets       ( I dont't wear dresses) ((maybe this should change))???????????

Key jacket tops/blouses  that can be worn with more than one outfit

Warm cardigan tops that will take any outfit from summer to winter.

WEAR   WEAR    WEAR the clothes I have
DON'T  DON'T DON'T just look at them

Bold accessories

Neutral coloured  heeled shoes

Thats the plan
I'll let you know if it works,o.k.


1 comment:

  1. We're on the same wavelength today Barb!
    I've been thinking similarly about my clothes lately too.
    One colour tone for me would be easy enough - I have so many black garments it's not funny !
    I often think about my school clothes(is that weird?)and how I always loved my box pleated uniforn with a nice white blouse and blazer.
    Maybe that's why I love the dark coloured cape-dresses the Amish and Plain people wear :-)
    Seriously..I'm thinking of buying one from Ebay!
    With the prayer cap too, of course.
    Not sure Rog is ready for it yet :-p
    Still it would be good to own just a few garments and not have to wade through a mountain of confusing choices every day lol!!
    I think your plan sounds very good.
    Which colour tone were you thinking of ? Beige/browns, blue/denim ??