Thursday, February 24, 2011

100 years

On the 18th of Feb, my husband took Mum and I to my cousin's house to celebrate Mum's sister (my Godmother) turning 100 years old. We all had a wonderful time.It was great to see my Aunt enjoying herself.
Aunty Edna (100yo) in the green blouse, and my mum Mavis (94yo) with their crowns on....... don't they look wonderful??? 
100 written in flowers

Beautiful desserts and The Birthday Cake

flowers & letters from
the Queen of England, the Govenor General of Australia, the Prime Minister of Australia, and the Premier of N.S.W. We were all suitably impressed.

My Simple Pleasure this week is.....Birthdays ..........and Birthday Parties............Love them..........
Barb from Australia
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  1. We certainly have much to celebrate in our family, don't we Barb :-)
    Mum and Aunty Edna looked fantastic!!
    God is good!
    love you..Trish

  2. It looks like it was a lovely party, the flowers done in the shape of 100 look great.

  3. Well hands down one of the greatest pleasures in life to see someone turn a 100 and it some one precious to mother-in-law turns 96 in a few months...How much the world has changed in their life times.
    Great simple pleasure

  4. This was a treat to share with you...spending time with family and celebrating such a milestone birthday...yes, a simple pleasure.

  5. What a beautiful simple pleasure, and what a milestone,!! Thank you for sharing.

  6. This one is wonderful and Happy Birthday to your Aunty Edna! We're celebrating the 100th birthday of a dear woman in my life (not family, just friend) this weekend.

    What a blessing you have to have both of them. I pray that your own mum Mavis celebrates hers in similar style. Crown, of course!!

  7. wow...amazing and they both look so great. They're an inspiration.

  8. Wow! What a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate your 100th birthday! How nice that they, as sisters, were able to celebrate together.

  9. Certainly a milestone to celebrate 100 years. Thank you for sharing this simple pleasure

  10. Well, my GOSH, Barb. Reading about the birthday made my day. Your Mum and auntie look absolutely fabulous. What a genuine celebration!

    I want to thank you for always visiting my blog and commenting. Love having you stop by. Susan

  11. Barb,
    I LOVE birthday parties - especially ones for dear Aunties who reach the fabulous age of 100! What a great Simple Pleasure. Congratulations are in order!

  12. Oh, wow! That's pretty impressive, both the 100-year milestone, and the congraulatory letters. And, yes, the ladies look just wonderful, and so do those desserts!

  13. What a milestone! They both look beautiful!