Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year thoughts

Hello World,
Just a quick note to wish everyone a good year.
I "bit the bullet" yesterday and went to Bingo with Mum and Merle. It was the first outing for fun Iv'e had since I had my 5 bottom front teeth out.I was a little (actually a lot) embarrased and self concious about the big gap in my mouth, but nobody commented  and I slowly relaxed and enjoyed myself. Merle won a tray of steak. so we all had a good day.
Lesson learned --again,  People don't notice as much about you as you think they do. We are each the centre of our own little world and are so caught up in what we want to say and do that we don't always "see" the people around us.
For me yesterday, that was a good thing.
Sometimrs it's not a good thing, and we could be more open to the needs of others.
Sorry I didn't mean to preach.......

On a lighter note ---
My MUM turns 94 on the 9th of jan.
She is a remarkable woman who is still  very self-sufficient. All I do for her is hang out and bring in her washing and cook the evening meal.
One amazing lady.

My sister Gwen is coming to stay with us in a few days time, and visit with Mum.

My NewYears Resolution /Motto is      "don't stress --put the kettle on"

Will be in touch
Bye for now

1 comment:

  1. "don't stress-put the kettle on'
    I LOVE it Barb lol!!
    It suits you to a TEA ;-D
    Good for you for going out like that - I'm proud of you!
    And I agree that we expect others to notice every little thing about us when mostly they DON'T. Discovering that can be either frustrating or freeing at times :-)
    Like you - I think we could all learn to be more sensitive to the needs of others though!
    I know you'll have a lovely visit with Gwen coming down for Mum's birthday..love and much blessing to everyone!!