Thursday, December 30, 2010

Washing Day

Hello Everyone,

After all the rainy days we have been having in Sydney, Australia plus family calling in to see us for the New Year, my Simple Pleasure for today was being able to do my washing,hang it on the line and get it dried and put away,smelling like sunshine----all on the same day. Washing day can be a chore but for me today, it was Simply a Pleasure.Thank you Lord for a lovely day
Barb,joining with Dayle and friends at
Bye for now

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hello World, I'm writing to wish everyone the Blessings of the Season. Christmas is special family time and I sincerely hope that you all have wonderful gatherings and share good food and laughter together.
My husband is spending time with his brothers and sister and their families this year, while Mum and I are staying here in Sydney having lots of soft Christmas desserts to help me recover from dental work done this week.

New Year is the time to reflect and make changes (if necessary) to our lives.
New Year - New Beginning
Sounds good to me
My changes include trying to smile more often (should be easy with new teeth - I hope),
and to show more tolorance to my Husband and Mum.

God Bless
Bye, Barb

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Lunches

One of the simple things I like about Christmas is sharing lunch (or just a cuppa & cake) with friends. Yesterday we had guests for a prawn salad and christmas pudding luncheon,and today another friend came to exchange presents and enjoy a simple lunch outdoors. My husband and I try to see as many of our friends as possible for these little moments of sharing the Christmas Spirit. Thank You to Dayle at and the all the ladies at Simple Pleasures for your welcome. May God Bless You all this Christmas Season. Barb

Thursday, December 9, 2010

hello World, It's been a buzy time in our house and family recently. Mum had to go to the hospitral for pre-admission tests in preparation for a carpel tunnel op on her left hand. because Mum is on Warfarin she has to have injections of Clexane pre and post op.Not plesant. I finalised the arrangements to have 5 teeth removed on the 21st Dec and a plate made. Mum's op was on 6th Dec (we had to have her there at 6.30 am) The op went well(thank the Lord) and Mum is o.k. We arrived home from the hospital to find my grand-daughter-in-law had to be rushed to another hospital because her baby was coming 9 weeks early.Our new little great-grand-son was born that day,tiny and frail ,but healthy. He will have to stay in hosp for some weeks after his mum goes home. He is named Max. A big "Thank You" to everyone praying for Mum and Max. Max's grandmother,my daughter Therese,dropped everything,re-arranged her day and drove 2 hours to be with Max and his parents. It was a special time for them.

We are taking Mum to the hosp every second day for blood tests until her Warfarin levels are back to normal.
In spite of her hand op, Mum insisted she was up to Bingo --- soooo ---we went to Bingo and won a Christmas Ham. Mum was over the moon. What a good day.

My daughter Mary had a fall in the car park at the school where she volunteers her time, and had to have three stitches above her eye. Now she has a big dramatic Black Eye. She was shaken up but o.k. and back at school.(you can't keep a good woman down) Her teenage daughters are a bit embarrased by the whole thing.

Must go now,
Be in touch soon

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Get Together Is Over

Hello World,
The Great Kris Kringle and Family and Friends Get-Together for 2010 is officially over and has been voted a success by all who attended!

I am already making plans for 2011, a bit obsessive compulsive I know, but that's the way I am.

My knitted hats were a hit!
I hung them on the clothesline so they could be easily seen. It was very festive. Most guests took one home.
We had beautiful weather on the day. The children enjoyed themselves and kept the adults entertained as they played with their presents.
I over-catered, but that meant more for everyone to take home and some for the freezer.
Last year's Christmas cards made wonderful wall decorations as did grandchildren photos from other Christmas parties. The kids (both young and old) were laughing at how they looked when they were younger. Going through old photos can be fun :-)
My daughter-in-law made the beautiful Christmas Cup Cake centerpiece. All the little cakes were eaten and the big cake is in the freezer and will be used for Mum's birthday in January.
She also knitted little stockings and put a roll of lollies in them. These were put on the tree for anybody to take.

I put out the santa I knitted from a picture on a card a few years ago. The little ones love him because he is unbreakable.

Sorry the top cake photo is sideways, but I can't find the icon that lets me turn them right side up :-(
-----one day I hope to be able to use all the bits that will make blogging more fun!

God Bless
Bye for now

Hello everybody