Friday, December 3, 2010

The Get Together Is Over

Hello World,
The Great Kris Kringle and Family and Friends Get-Together for 2010 is officially over and has been voted a success by all who attended!

I am already making plans for 2011, a bit obsessive compulsive I know, but that's the way I am.

My knitted hats were a hit!
I hung them on the clothesline so they could be easily seen. It was very festive. Most guests took one home.
We had beautiful weather on the day. The children enjoyed themselves and kept the adults entertained as they played with their presents.
I over-catered, but that meant more for everyone to take home and some for the freezer.
Last year's Christmas cards made wonderful wall decorations as did grandchildren photos from other Christmas parties. The kids (both young and old) were laughing at how they looked when they were younger. Going through old photos can be fun :-)
My daughter-in-law made the beautiful Christmas Cup Cake centerpiece. All the little cakes were eaten and the big cake is in the freezer and will be used for Mum's birthday in January.
She also knitted little stockings and put a roll of lollies in them. These were put on the tree for anybody to take.

I put out the santa I knitted from a picture on a card a few years ago. The little ones love him because he is unbreakable.

Sorry the top cake photo is sideways, but I can't find the icon that lets me turn them right side up :-(
-----one day I hope to be able to use all the bits that will make blogging more fun!

God Bless
Bye for now

Hello everybody


  1. Hi Barb, it's so good to see you linking up today. Yay!
    We had a really great family day, didn't we ?! Good food and lots of fun for young and old!
    I love my hat -it's perfect for the cold days were having now - thanks again :-)

  2. you are so creative. Love that cake and cupcakes surrounding it. yum

  3. The pictures are neat !!! I bet your family had a great time ....thanks for sharing

  4. I love your creativity and organization. I sure would love to planning a year in advance of ANYTHING.

    Your daughter's huge cupcake cake centerpiece is fabulous!!

  5. So glad you joined us at Simple Pleasures today. While family get-togethers aren't always a simple matter (so much to do), they are truly one of life's greatest simple pleasures.

  6. Sounds ,like you all had a good time. The large cupcake is amazing, what a good idea, also love your Father Christmas.

  7. "Thank You" to all the lovely ladies who posted such nice comments about my blog.I am very new at blogging (july 2010)and with my sister's help (trish@angel wings and apron strings)I am slowly learning how to manage my blog.It was Trish who encouraged me to join in with Dayle and Simple Pleasures.It took a lot of 'over-the-phone'help for me to connect,and I'm very glad I did. Thank you again everybody. See you next week. Barb