Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello world, Our printer died and my wonderful husband replaced it with a model that has wireless connections to our laptops. This morning I needed a pattern for a little mouse in a sleeping bag that I knitted years ago for a friend.She has asked me to knit one for her new son.
I couldn't find the book so I went on the internet and THERE IT WAS. I was so pleased to find the exact pattern I wanted buuuuttttt the best part was that with one press on the print button the printer in a totally different room from where I was printed it out for me. Now I can access the printer from any room in the house using my little net book.
I think this almost beats my slow cooker as my favourite appliance in the house.
Come to think of it--- I could have the slow cooker on in the kitchen, be sitting in the garden with my p.c. and, be printing out in the office at the same time. What Power!!
Thank You Kevin .......

Bye for now, got to get knitting, will be in touch soon

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  1. That's terrific Barb! I think I will be sharing that "power" with you when we get our printer hooked up again soon. We'll have both computers connected in different rooms. I can pretend I'm at the Library with 10 people printing away together lol!
    btw.if you add my "Angel Wings and Apron Strings" blog to your list you'll see some nice photos I took at Carcoar last Sunday :-)
    Love you ..Trish