Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hello World,
Just 2 days to our Kris Kringle party. I am getting more excited every day. I'm worse than a child. I just love the anticipation on everyone's face when it's time to open presents.
Kevin has been wonderful. He's given our wooden floors a fresh coat of varnish and they look lovely---a rich honey glow. AND even as I write he is re-painting the toilet floor --- what a lovely suprise........... Mum is very pleased with the floors.

Today is clean the house and make space for the Christmas Food Day.

Tomorrow my sister arrives ----all coming together nicely.
Even the fact that half the family can't get here 'till later in the afternoon on Saturday is not a problem, it just means that present opening will be in dribs and drabs and the party will go a little longer. That can't be a bad thing . (so much for my organising ---luckilly the pills have kicked in and stressing is not on my agenda)

I'll post some photos later
Bye for now

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  1. Hi Barb!!
    Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow and Saturday! The floors sound great. Nice and fresh for Christmas. I'm glad you're not stressing :-) Thanks to you, it will be a great weekend for us all! love ..Trish