Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hello World,
Just 2 days to our Kris Kringle party. I am getting more excited every day. I'm worse than a child. I just love the anticipation on everyone's face when it's time to open presents.
Kevin has been wonderful. He's given our wooden floors a fresh coat of varnish and they look lovely---a rich honey glow. AND even as I write he is re-painting the toilet floor --- what a lovely suprise........... Mum is very pleased with the floors.

Today is clean the house and make space for the Christmas Food Day.

Tomorrow my sister arrives ----all coming together nicely.
Even the fact that half the family can't get here 'till later in the afternoon on Saturday is not a problem, it just means that present opening will be in dribs and drabs and the party will go a little longer. That can't be a bad thing . (so much for my organising ---luckilly the pills have kicked in and stressing is not on my agenda)

I'll post some photos later
Bye for now

Thursday, November 18, 2010

get-together update

Hello World,

I am up to the most satisfying part of my Get-together preparations :::: The Food ::::::
I love it when I get to this point in the preparations because it means that soon all our family and friends will be here to feast their eyes on the decorations,fill their tummies with favorite foods and feel loved when they get their gifts. Wonderful !!!

About 30 minutes ago I asked my husband if the small TV in the dining room could be moved to a shelf on the other side of the room. And, Lo and Behold in the time it has taken me to write this, he has moved it. He is so fantastic !!!!! (it's times like this I'm reminded why I love him)
It never ceases to amaze me how changes around the house that I think will be easy are not, and things that look difficult to me are easy for Kevin.
Mum and I are very pleased with the new TV position, it's at eye level and the lights are not reflected on the screen, much better for veiwing. Thanks Kevin xxxxxxxxxxx

Mum got notification from the hospital that her carpel tunnel op on her left hand will be on 9th of December. She is very happy. It will all be over soon.

My cousin is now home from hospital, but will be on oxygen and medication for the rest of her life. Better than the alternative, eh!!!

My friend Merle has gone on a weeks holiday at her sister's place.
We have made our choices of where we want to go in France next year and early December we will go to a travel agent and organise bookings. VERY EXCITING

It's been lovely to be able to pack away my winter pj's and gowns for another 9 months or so.....

I have made a poster of old Christmas photos of the grandchildren that I hope will make everybody laugh.

Will write again soon

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello world, Our printer died and my wonderful husband replaced it with a model that has wireless connections to our laptops. This morning I needed a pattern for a little mouse in a sleeping bag that I knitted years ago for a friend.She has asked me to knit one for her new son.
I couldn't find the book so I went on the internet and THERE IT WAS. I was so pleased to find the exact pattern I wanted buuuuttttt the best part was that with one press on the print button the printer in a totally different room from where I was printed it out for me. Now I can access the printer from any room in the house using my little net book.
I think this almost beats my slow cooker as my favourite appliance in the house.
Come to think of it--- I could have the slow cooker on in the kitchen, be sitting in the garden with my p.c. and, be printing out in the office at the same time. What Power!!
Thank You Kevin .......

Bye for now, got to get knitting, will be in touch soon

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some of the beanies I knitted for our Kris Kringle LuckyDip.
They look good even if I say so myself.
Hope the family like them.
I plan to continue making them for charity now that I have perfected my simple and easy-to-knit design
I love the look you get when you use two different wools together on larger needles
I'm using up my stash of varigated wools and combining them with a plain colour for this look. Works well for textured and plain combo too. More later , Barb.

cannas, purple sweetpea and christmas bush

in my garden

Christmas hallway

The Home Beauty Parlor
Hello,Hello,Hello I'm back,

I,ve had a busy time these last few weeks, visiting our cousin in hospital twice a week, bingo on Mondays, shopping for our party in three weeks time,knitting beanies for family and charity, decorating the house for Christmas,aaannnnnddd having a stress attack that resulted in me doing what everyone has been telling me to do----taking time to relax (I,m a bit of a slow learner). So one weekend a month I,ll be going to my friend's place to play cards and create Works Of Mum and Kevin time out from being harassed (even though I harass in a nice way ---my story---) by me. SMILES ALL ROUND