Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HelloWorld, I'm happy to report that I've only got to get a couple of family presents and that part of my Christmas preparations will be done, wrapped,tagged and bagged ready for the Day of the Get-together. I'm still knitting hats for my lucky dips, the count is 20 with more to come. We have won 3 legs of ham at Bingo so we have plenty to share with the family for the festive season. I've decided on a Santa theme for this year, so my next job (with Kevin's help) will be going through all our decorations. My challenge is to find a balance between my desire for Total Over The Top and Mum,s desire to pretend It's Not Happening ----looks like fun.

We have some health issues in the family at this time (brother, cousin, aunt in particular) so please say some prayers for them.

I'm going to pack some of my decorative collectable (some people would dispute this) treasures away for a while so I can bring out 1 collection at a time for maximum impact. I'll have a dedicated display area for this.

We're sprucing up our outdoor area and it's looking very smart at the moment. The constant leaves from the campher laurel tree (which technically belongs to our next-door neighbour--but has a trunk that has grown through the fence and trunk and canopy are now mostly in our yard) which we love for it's shade in summer,keeps Kevin busy. I'd like to begin a trend of leaving leaves where they fall and calling them Natures Designer Leaves and just live with them---- but Mum and Kevin call this messy and are always sweeping them up and putting them in the green bin. Maybe I'm just a bit lazy --but we won't go there.

We've been watching a fair bit of the Commonwealth Games and all our athletes are wonderful.
Especially Michael Hooker who took out the gold medal in pole vault with his first jump.Amazing.

We have inhereated a green budgie from our grandson who found it in his yard. It can't fly up, only level and fluts to the floor. Sooooo now we have 2 birds in cages living in our dining room.
I'm trying to hand tame it and teach it to fly so we can pass it on to someone else or release it into our aviary- but- human nature being like it is we'll probably become so used to it just being there, that it will live there forever UNLESS it starts screetching----- then who knows what will happen to the poor little thing.

Back to my hats,
Bye for now,


  1. Helloooo Barb! You've been missed ;-)
    It's been a time of mixed blessings lately hasn't it?! Good luck with the balancing act-but don't stress too much-whatever you do will look great! You are so productive..20 hats already..somehow it doesn't surprise me!. Is there one in there for Mum? I'd like to see what she pulls out-going to be great fun! We've been working in the yard too. Will put up some photos to share soon. It's so nice to get out of the house and feel the warm sun on your back these days. I love Spring! blessings..Trish

  2. Barb, I just posted some garden photos if you want to take a look and show Mum :-)