Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hello world,

I hope everyone has had a nice fortnight.

Our spring weather is being shy and is not staying with us yet,winter still has us in it's clutches. The flowers are just beautiful,everywhere I look there is a sea of colour. I have successfully grown 1 sweet pea plant this year,it has a lovely purple flower. My christmas bush is coming into flower now so I should have a nice pink bush for our get-together. The pointsettia is covered in bright red blooms and looking dramatic, so are the cactus plants----red flowers everywhere!!!

The green budgie has been sent to the backyard aviery and has settled in quite well.It still wont fly properly but it gets around by climbing on the wire walls and using the ladders. The white budgie is feeding it---need to keep my eye on them .

Our family health issues are stable at the moment, thank the Lord, I hope improvement is the next step.

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