Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hello World,
We've had a busy week here, running backwards and forewards and I've been checking out
Christmas presents.

I've decided to run with hats as my handmade gifts this year. I've started crocheting my own designs because I find following a pattern quite difficult and I learned a long time ago that if I do my own thing there's no mistakes, only design features. I'm mixing colours and textures and having a lot of fun. My next big decision is how to actually give the hats to everyone. I don't know if I should wrap and put names on them, wrap them and put them in a lucky dip OR just put them all unwrapped in a big colourful pile and let everyone rummage and pick their own. Maybe I could hang them on the Christmas Tree ???? now thats an idea.

I have a granddaughter turning 9, a grandson turning 25 and a brother-in-law turning 52 all in this coming week. I've sent the granddaughters present down to the farm, and will have a BBQ for the guys. (it can be hard to find 'men presents' sometimes so I go with a meal---a bit un-imaginative I know-----but we have to eat and food is a good standby).

My sister from up north is coming to have some time with Mum and us. I don't know how long she'll be here for. It will be lovely to see her. We'll probably go and have lunch at our brothers places. I might have an extra-early Christmas Dinner while she is here - or not.
We'llhave to wait and see. There I go with the food thing again-- can't help myself.

Most of the males in my family are having Father's Day at the car races today.They'll all pretend the're 18 again and try and out- do each other telling their car stories. They'll come home tired,deaf and happy. What a good day.

My 20yo granddaughter is doing training in Animal Handling and is at an animal sanctury on the far north coast at the moment. She sent her mum
a message yesterday saying she'd been bitten by a crocodile. She went on to say it was only a young one that bit her but it's very painful and she needed medical treatment. (it was probably a hatchling and she put a band-aid on the bite. BUT -what a good story)

Mum started physio on her hands on Tuesday and has to do exercises every day to
strengthen them. They are also working on her balance. She'll go twice a week for a while .

I had invited friends for lunch on Wednesday so they could see our beautiful plum tree in full bloom. It was a lovely sunny spring day, we had a BBQ and salad and apple pie for dessert. It was perfect timing, because the next three days were windy and rainy and all the blossoms have either blown away or have turned brown. The rain has brought on the leaves and the tree is covered with soft greenery. Still beautiful!!

Kevin and I went into the city on Thursday and fixed up the paperwork for our passports.
I'm planning to go to France with Merle next year for a month long holiday.I've never been overseas before and I'm looking foreward to it. We thought we'd go in March, then we said April/May, now we're saying June is looking good. Our problem is - we want to take the least amount of clothes, we don't like the cold and we want to keep travel costs down so we have more money for the important things -like shopping and eating beautiful French Food.

Got to go now and hang out the washing. I will post some photos later today-------Barb

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  1. Bitten by a crocodile - eek! Hope she's ok. About the hats..if you're going with beanies for guys you'd better have a seperate box for them to dip into. Hubby wouldn't look too good in your lovely medieval one ;-)