Saturday, September 25, 2010

Doesn't he look swish and stylish

He is ready for all kinds of weather

Wearing royal purple

Smiling in a summer shirt

Ready for the dark in my yellow reflective safety coat

Dashing in denim

Hello World, I've decided to share my handsome dog with you. He's a real cutie and he likes wearing clothes. He has a very stylish wardrobe of fashion items given to him for birthdays and christmas over the last few years. He is a long legged, full tailed,long haired Jack Russell Terrier who hates mornings and doesn't get up for the day until about 9am. He copies everything we do here,if we sit - he sits, if we go into the yard so does he and when we come inside, you guessed it- so does he. When we sit at the table reading the paper or eating,he waits until one of us gets up for something and like a rocket he's onto the empty chair. If someone else gets up he changes to that chair.
I have to admit that we do this on purpose sometimes just to see him play musical chairs.


  1. Hello Merle,welcome to the World of Blog.
    It's good to have someone else to talk to.

  2. This post is amazing! Mum has a book of dog sweaters that you can knit I think!

  3. I'm back on line-yay! Love the pics Barb. I think my favourite is the hooded safety coat-sweet and smart-just like Kyton :-)
    Rog thinks #2&3 looks like Batman and Robin!
    Have a great day..God bless