Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 2010

Hello World, I'm catching up with some of the things that has happened lately.

My sister Gwen came for a 10 day visit and while she was here we had an afternoon tea to celebrate my grandson's and my brother-in-law's birthdays. We had unplanned cakes coming out of our ears. Everybody brought a cake, we sent cake home with them all and have stored Steve's uncut cake in the freezer to give back to him later.

Here's a couple of happy snaps my daughter-in-law took of us all.

We went to Bingo on the Monday and Merle won a leg of ham.

Mum had physio on Tuesday so I caught up on housework while Kevin drove her to her session.

Mum,Gwen and I played Skip-bo for the next three or four afternoon/evenings and had fun. It was good to see Mum playing a game with us.

We spent a lot of time relaxing and knitting. Mum is still knitting squares for charity and I'm making more hats,( Ifigure any hats not used as chrissie presents will be donated to charity). Gwen is knitting a table runner in white cotton thread, the pattern is lovely.

We talked a lot. About everything and anything.

Gwen cut and permed my daughter Sue's hair. It looked lovely, exactly how she wanted it to look.

Good job done!!

Gwen helped Mum choose a new pair of frames for her glasses.

It was Sunday and time for Gwen to leave before we knew it.

After Gwen went on Sunday my friend Annette rang and asked if I would like herself and her son and his family to call in and visit for a while. The family is on a visit from Hong Kong where they live. Of course I quickly said "yes please'. It was wonderful to see them and to meet their little daughter in person and not just as a photo. She is absolutely gorgeous. Their son has grown taller since we saw him last.(see top photo)
We went to Bingo on Monday and Mum won a leg of lamb. (Good on ya Mum)
My cousin Bev rang to let us know that her sister Lesley had had some scans done and they showed she'd had a heart attack, had blood clots in her lung and has pnumonia as well. Les is now in hospital and Bev is staying with their Mum (who'll be 100 in Feb 2011) and looking after her. My Mum is very concerned about them and how they will cope with this new health problem. Keep you posted.
My brother Mike has his pre-op tests today ready for his angiogram next week to find out what damage his recent heart attack has done to his heart.
We're all praying that God will help everyone through these worrying times.
Bye for now Barb

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  1. Nice photos Barb! Gwen is typically talking-she's very consistant lol!! Good to see everyone. I like the blue on you but the babies steal the show :-) It looks like a great day was had by all. We are praying for Leslie, poor thing! God bless...Trish