Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello world, ---I love the fact that I can indulge my meglomaniacal streak and imagine that the world is waiting to read what I have to say. Blogging gives me an outlet for quirky and (hopefully) amusing comments on my life and the lives of those around me. PLUS it gives me something to do with the overload of pictures I've taken over the years of the things that take my fancy --- you know ,things like a nice baked dinner (click), new curtains (click),changing the throw covers on the lounge(click), Mum's new hair-do(click), flowers(click), my dog (click), my husband and grand children (click) ----------you get the idea I'm sure.

SOOOO, whoever you are out there in The Big Wide World Of Blog -------------I hope you enjoy my take on life.

I figure by now you understand why I have the word "babbling" in my title.

Sorry I didn't get back with photos on Sunday but I got sidetracked (something else that I do and you can imagine what babbling and sidetracking do to my days) and ran out of time. It was Monday and Bingo Day. No time for photos. I won 2 meat trays (make that 2 trays of meat) and a leg of ham at Bingo. Ham for our Kris Kringle. Good one!!!!!

Photos next time.

Bye for now, Barb


  1. Ah..the photo thing..yes I know what you mean. Everything suddenly becomes a "photo opportunity" when you have the fun of putting it on your blog. It can drive the family nuts - (well they shouldn't have bought you that whiz-bang new camera if they don't want you snapping them every 5 minutes lol!)but you also begin to look with fresh eyes at mundane objects and find a hidden beauty staring back! Click away!!

    btw..one of my lovely followers has led me to find two blogs which I know you'll love Barb.
    The craft one is fabulous-no sewing but great ideas and instructions for making clever things on the cheap. Check out "Can't Stop Making Things" at http://www.cantstopmakingthings.com/
    The other blog is just hilarious.."Cake Wrecks" at http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/ it's brilliantly funny and I'll bet it gives you some great ideas too. Maybe Christmas cake will have a different twist at your house this year :-)
    ok ..I'm off shopping now. Talk again soon.

  2. THanks for the new sites. Am checking them out.Barb