Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thanks for sticking with me through my sad efforts at technical proficiency. Still, I got there in the end and now everything is in the one place--thanks to Kevin.

NOW on to Fab February

This month I started to make some pendants out of old lenses from spectacles and sun glasses. I used decouparge and paint on some and the reflective sunny lenses I cut and drilled. It was a lot of fun sharing the workshop and tools with my husband. I plan to do more for Christmas.
I entered these ones into the Castle Hill Show and was lucky enough to win a prize

My brother and brother-in-law had given kevin and I tickets for the stage show 'Wicked' this month. It was brilliant. The costumes were incredible and the colours amazing. It was a wonderful evening and we thank them very much for such a special treat.

We had our Granddaughter and her fiancee over for tea so we could say Goodbye to them before they went to Townsville to live. He is in the army and this is where his base is.

We went to our friend's son's house to see the new kitchen he put in. It has the most amazing red glass splashback with a large orange Bird of Paradise on it. Spectacular..

We had lots of visits from our grandchildren because of the school holidays. Good fun.

We spent a few days going backwards and forewards helping another friend pack up her ornaments etc. ready for her flat to be painted.

Bye for now Barb

Feb was a Fab month


  1. Wow! the photo is great Barb. I think I like the silver pendant the most. It's more 'industrial' looking than what I'd normally go for, but it really appeals to me - well done ! Can't wait to see what you come up with this year :-)

  2. my comment disappeared! I'll try again. the knitting website address is
    hope this works now!

  3. Hi it's me again - just commenting from my lady loves lace blog now to see if there's some problem. I changed the 'about me'and I want to see how I appear now in the comments. Hope you like the knitting things!'Trish