Sunday, August 29, 2010

Plum Tree Heaven

Spring has sprung ---my plum tree tells me. It was last sunday when I took my sister for a walk around my yard and the tree was in bud but still looking bare that the miracle happened. Two hours after she left my plum tree burst into blossom. Not one or two flowers, the tree was covered in flowers. I would have loved to have seen it happen.

Mum kas a lovely view from the lounge room and her bedroom windows, and the side passage is already sprinkled with snow white petals. It looks beautiful.


  1. The tree looks really lovely Barb-how perfect to have outside the bedroom window for Mum :-)
    I just love to see tree branches silouetted against the sky! The delicate plum blossoms are such a joy aren't they! I'm posting some pics of the overflowing lake and some spring blossoms from out there today too :-)