Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jogging into June/July

Hello world, I'm into the last few weeks of my year that was and I'm a bit sad that the end is near. I'll have to think up another project to work on.

Mum and I kept knitting --Mum on squares and me on hats. I have already posted photos of some of pieces in a previous post.

Mum had nerve conduction tests on her hands in preparation for her carpel tunnel ops. and she went to a new podiatrist who was very gentle and made her feel special. This fellow is the tallest man I've ever seen and he describes himself as a gentle giant. Mum thought he was lovely.

I went with my eldest daughter(who turned 47 this month) and her youngest son to Westmead Hospital while he had dental work done.

We went to our friend Edna's place for lunch and took her a few bags of books to donate to one of the charities she helps.Edna also does a lot of knitting for the local nursing homes. No idle hands around here.

My daughter Mary's cat quietly died of old age.It was sad to say goodbye.She was buried in her favourite spot in the back yard. Kevin made a special box and name marker for the cat.

We go to Bingo most weeks and this month we won a chicken and 3 trays of meat. Good one!

We went to Annette's place to put the curtains back up in her newly painted unit. It looked lovely.

My brother Michael hadn't been feeling very well and he was sent for some tests and was shocked to be told that he'd had a heart attack and that there was a clot in his heart. He was put on medication and has to take things very slowly.

Edna and Bob came over for our combined birthday lunch. We had a baked pork and vegies. Yummy

I have a loose front tooth and the dentist told me I might have to have it out and a plate made.
Not impressed!!!! Hopefully it will firm up and be o.k. I'll just have to wait and see.

Kevin saw his heart specialist and was told he MUST loose some weight.

My sister's father-in-law had a heart valve replacement and is recovering very well.

We went into the city and delivered all the blankets that we had made from the squares knitted by mum and her friends. One of mum's friends has M.S and her hands are very bad, but she helped with the knitting. Altogether we made 10 blankets

The day before my birthday I permed Mum's hair. She seemed happy with the result-(thank goodness)


On my journey from birthday to birthday I have had a lot of frustration learning my way around the internet, and if the end result of putting a photo and some thoughts on line wasn't such a buzz I would have given up weeks ago.
I'll start a new project soon' but in the meantime I'll keep you up to date with whats happening
in my life.

Bye for now, Barb

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