Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hello World , I thought I'd give you an update on Mum's Carpel Tunnel operation. She had to be at the hospital on Monday morning at 6.30am so we were up about 5am. Mum was the first op. of the day and went into theatre at 8.20. Kevin and I went and had 'second breakfast' and waited until Mum was ready to leave. We were home by 1.15pm. Mum has to keep her hand up and in a sling for at least 5 days. She can wiggle her fingers and doesn't have much pain. We are all happy at her progress so far. She is missing her knitting,but,refuses to learn to knit with her feet. (I thought this was a good solution----) We see her GP on Friday and will get our first look at 'the wound'.

Back to 'the year that was'----
March - 'Makeover the back yard' month (a.k.a. fence&fernery or f''n'f month)

Therese and John came to Sydney for a wedding and stayed the night here, Monique and Ryan moved to Queensland to live,and I entered my re-cycled sunglasses jewellery in the Castle Hill show, all in the first few days of the month. It was time now for a new fence--at last---.I get all excited at projects like this because it gives me the chance to re-arrange things and create a new look. Kevin ,of course, is not so happy because he has to do any heavy work that's needed.
We moved our fish ponds and enclosed them with sandstone blocks, moved the orchid house and palm trees ,bought more ferns and created a nice tropical look area. The new fence is cream and the new hanging pots and the sandstone blend beautifully with it.
I won 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize in my catergory at the show (which sounds like I'm really clever, until I tell you that I was the only person to enter in that catergory) I still got a buzz seing my work displayed.--see photo in fab-feb post.
I spent a traumatic few days culling my large accumulation of craft and cooking books. It was hard being honest with myself and admitting that although I love the pattern/receipe I really had no intention of making it. Soooo now I have a small collection of books I just might use and my son has a nice addition to his next garage sale- a win-win for all.
We had our grand-daughter's 16th birthday party here. Noisy and fun, just what the young ones like.
Would you believe Kevin had 2 (yes 2) minor car accidents this month, both times he ran into the car in front. A shock to his belief in his 'safe distance to the car ahead' judgement. No one was hurt.
We took Mum to Bargo to see her sister, and we continued on to the farm for a birthday party for our grand-son. It was a lovely day.
Our parish priest came to visit Mum and she enjoyed seeing him.He gave her Communion.

So that was my Fence-Fernery&Farm month.
Have to go now app.

See you soon Barb

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