Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello out there, I'm catching up with "The year that was" again and I am up to May.

May was a mixed month for us here at home. Mum and I had a lovely Mother's Day. We heard from all our respective children and their families and Kevin organised lunch for us.

We spent most of May knitting squares for baby blankets.

Mum went on the waiting list to have her right carpel tunnel released.

I spent a whole day in the kitchen dying clothes and odds and ends black---well...things started out black but as I hate to waste good dye, by the time I finished I'd dyed all my knickers pale grey and t-shirts and slacks every colour in-between. It was good fun, sometimes the colour you get is an unexpected supprise.

Mum had her hair permed

Kevin bought me a net book computer (which is why I'm sharing my learning experiences with everybody). I find it lovely that I can go to bed and use my computer to go through all my photos. I have discovered that I am a prolific but not-so-good photographer---another area I hope to improve on.

My friend Annette got a new grandson AND a new car this month. Lucky girl

My three daughters all had health scares for various reasons and had to re-evaluate their lifestyles i,e. less fat, less sugar,less red meat, something we all should do.

I was given a hand knitted jacket that I was able to restyle and make catwalk worthy.
The double breasted version is the before and single breasted trimmed one is the after
I was very pleased at how it turned out
Now that really WAS fun.

Bye for now Barb

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