Monday, August 23, 2010

Christmas plans

Hello world,I've just finished playing around with the colours on my blog and I like the new look.

We all went to Bingo today and Merle won a tray of steaks. Mum and I were hoping to win a ham to put in the freezer ready for our Christmas get-together, but no luck today-we'll try again next week.
I decided our get-together will be the end of November this year and that I will do all the Kris Kringle present buying. I have three good reasons for buying the KK pressies myself --
1 Every body usually loses the name of who the're buying for
2 I get asked for suggestions about what to buy for people
3 I like browsing the shops and finding odds and ends
I've told the family that their present to me will be the fun of shopping and keeping the list of who gets what. I have the menu all worked out and only have the decorating theme to decide.

Fun Fun Fun for me (love thjs part of the yearly traditions) and lovely suprises for the family.

Bye for now, Barb

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  1. It's looking really great Barb! Some good blogs in the list you just put up too :-)