Wednesday, August 18, 2010

April days

Hello World, I'm going to tell you about our lovely April. Easter was in early April and my brother-in -law Steve came to visit us on the morning of Easter Sunday and then my brother Franc came in the afterenoon. At different times throughtout the day all the family rang to wish Mum and us "Happy Easter" It was a happy day.
Kevin went to the Easter Show and got sunburnt...I only went once this year,I'm all showed-out for now. Maybe next year I'll put an entry in and go along to see the crafts and the dogs and cats,and......actually I like everything about the show and my craft is usually geared around"what will I put in the show this year".
We went on a pontoon cruise with a friend of ours and his grandson who had come from HongKong to spend the school holidays with him and his Aussie cousins. It was good to see the boys fishing and enjoying themselves. Unfortunately there was only one undersized fish caught on the day and would you believe it was caught by moi...sorry boys.
Our great-granddaughter Lyla was christened on the 11th and we all went back to our son's house for a party afterwards.
Mum and I are busy knitting squares to be made into blankets for babies.
I went onto the net and looked up 'charity knitting' and was suprised at how many organisations
there are that co-ordinate 'square knitting' and other knitted projects for people and animals in need. There is a site in England that gives you the pattern for knitting coats for rescued battery hens that have lost their feathers because of stress. There is no reason to have idle hands.

On that note---- I'll close and do some housework. Bye for now Barb xx

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  1. Hi Barb, have you got the webpage address for the chicken coats ? I just have to see these chooks wearing jumpers-it sounds hilarious!