Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jogging into June/July

Hello world, I'm into the last few weeks of my year that was and I'm a bit sad that the end is near. I'll have to think up another project to work on.

Mum and I kept knitting --Mum on squares and me on hats. I have already posted photos of some of pieces in a previous post.

Mum had nerve conduction tests on her hands in preparation for her carpel tunnel ops. and she went to a new podiatrist who was very gentle and made her feel special. This fellow is the tallest man I've ever seen and he describes himself as a gentle giant. Mum thought he was lovely.

I went with my eldest daughter(who turned 47 this month) and her youngest son to Westmead Hospital while he had dental work done.

We went to our friend Edna's place for lunch and took her a few bags of books to donate to one of the charities she helps.Edna also does a lot of knitting for the local nursing homes. No idle hands around here.

My daughter Mary's cat quietly died of old age.It was sad to say goodbye.She was buried in her favourite spot in the back yard. Kevin made a special box and name marker for the cat.

We go to Bingo most weeks and this month we won a chicken and 3 trays of meat. Good one!

We went to Annette's place to put the curtains back up in her newly painted unit. It looked lovely.

My brother Michael hadn't been feeling very well and he was sent for some tests and was shocked to be told that he'd had a heart attack and that there was a clot in his heart. He was put on medication and has to take things very slowly.

Edna and Bob came over for our combined birthday lunch. We had a baked pork and vegies. Yummy

I have a loose front tooth and the dentist told me I might have to have it out and a plate made.
Not impressed!!!! Hopefully it will firm up and be o.k. I'll just have to wait and see.

Kevin saw his heart specialist and was told he MUST loose some weight.

My sister's father-in-law had a heart valve replacement and is recovering very well.

We went into the city and delivered all the blankets that we had made from the squares knitted by mum and her friends. One of mum's friends has M.S and her hands are very bad, but she helped with the knitting. Altogether we made 10 blankets

The day before my birthday I permed Mum's hair. She seemed happy with the result-(thank goodness)


On my journey from birthday to birthday I have had a lot of frustration learning my way around the internet, and if the end result of putting a photo and some thoughts on line wasn't such a buzz I would have given up weeks ago.
I'll start a new project soon' but in the meantime I'll keep you up to date with whats happening
in my life.

Bye for now, Barb

Hello out there, I'm catching up with "The year that was" again and I am up to May.

May was a mixed month for us here at home. Mum and I had a lovely Mother's Day. We heard from all our respective children and their families and Kevin organised lunch for us.

We spent most of May knitting squares for baby blankets.

Mum went on the waiting list to have her right carpel tunnel released.

I spent a whole day in the kitchen dying clothes and odds and ends black---well...things started out black but as I hate to waste good dye, by the time I finished I'd dyed all my knickers pale grey and t-shirts and slacks every colour in-between. It was good fun, sometimes the colour you get is an unexpected supprise.

Mum had her hair permed

Kevin bought me a net book computer (which is why I'm sharing my learning experiences with everybody). I find it lovely that I can go to bed and use my computer to go through all my photos. I have discovered that I am a prolific but not-so-good photographer---another area I hope to improve on.

My friend Annette got a new grandson AND a new car this month. Lucky girl

My three daughters all had health scares for various reasons and had to re-evaluate their lifestyles i,e. less fat, less sugar,less red meat, something we all should do.

I was given a hand knitted jacket that I was able to restyle and make catwalk worthy.
The double breasted version is the before and single breasted trimmed one is the after
I was very pleased at how it turned out
Now that really WAS fun.

Bye for now Barb

Plum Tree Heaven

Spring has sprung ---my plum tree tells me. It was last sunday when I took my sister for a walk around my yard and the tree was in bud but still looking bare that the miracle happened. Two hours after she left my plum tree burst into blossom. Not one or two flowers, the tree was covered in flowers. I would have loved to have seen it happen.

Mum kas a lovely view from the lounge room and her bedroom windows, and the side passage is already sprinkled with snow white petals. It looks beautiful.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My winter roses (hellebore)

I love my hellebore flowers because they last a long time on the bush and slowly change colour from lilac to green.
This change can take weeks and the flowers stay green for a bit longer before they whither up
Good garden value I think, plus they like the cold weather so no fussing.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Christmas plans

Hello world,I've just finished playing around with the colours on my blog and I like the new look.

We all went to Bingo today and Merle won a tray of steaks. Mum and I were hoping to win a ham to put in the freezer ready for our Christmas get-together, but no luck today-we'll try again next week.
I decided our get-together will be the end of November this year and that I will do all the Kris Kringle present buying. I have three good reasons for buying the KK pressies myself --
1 Every body usually loses the name of who the're buying for
2 I get asked for suggestions about what to buy for people
3 I like browsing the shops and finding odds and ends
I've told the family that their present to me will be the fun of shopping and keeping the list of who gets what. I have the menu all worked out and only have the decorating theme to decide.

Fun Fun Fun for me (love thjs part of the yearly traditions) and lovely suprises for the family.

Bye for now, Barb

Mum's hand

Mum is very happy today.She got the stitches out of her hand and has the paperwork to book in for the other hand to be done.No more bandages means she can shower without a plastic bag on her hand and she has freedom of movement again.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

April days

Hello World, I'm going to tell you about our lovely April. Easter was in early April and my brother-in -law Steve came to visit us on the morning of Easter Sunday and then my brother Franc came in the afterenoon. At different times throughtout the day all the family rang to wish Mum and us "Happy Easter" It was a happy day.
Kevin went to the Easter Show and got sunburnt...I only went once this year,I'm all showed-out for now. Maybe next year I'll put an entry in and go along to see the crafts and the dogs and cats,and......actually I like everything about the show and my craft is usually geared around"what will I put in the show this year".
We went on a pontoon cruise with a friend of ours and his grandson who had come from HongKong to spend the school holidays with him and his Aussie cousins. It was good to see the boys fishing and enjoying themselves. Unfortunately there was only one undersized fish caught on the day and would you believe it was caught by moi...sorry boys.
Our great-granddaughter Lyla was christened on the 11th and we all went back to our son's house for a party afterwards.
Mum and I are busy knitting squares to be made into blankets for babies.
I went onto the net and looked up 'charity knitting' and was suprised at how many organisations
there are that co-ordinate 'square knitting' and other knitted projects for people and animals in need. There is a site in England that gives you the pattern for knitting coats for rescued battery hens that have lost their feathers because of stress. There is no reason to have idle hands.

On that note---- I'll close and do some housework. Bye for now Barb xx

mums hand progress

It has been 10 days since Mum's hand op. and she still is not allowed to put pressure on it (like using her walking stick ),but she is now holding a spoon and picking up light things using her fingers. She is very cheerful. We went to Bingo on Monday and it was good to see her managing
the dobber with her left hand. Luckily the poker machines are easy to use with either hand.
See you soon Barb xx

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hello World , I thought I'd give you an update on Mum's Carpel Tunnel operation. She had to be at the hospital on Monday morning at 6.30am so we were up about 5am. Mum was the first op. of the day and went into theatre at 8.20. Kevin and I went and had 'second breakfast' and waited until Mum was ready to leave. We were home by 1.15pm. Mum has to keep her hand up and in a sling for at least 5 days. She can wiggle her fingers and doesn't have much pain. We are all happy at her progress so far. She is missing her knitting,but,refuses to learn to knit with her feet. (I thought this was a good solution----) We see her GP on Friday and will get our first look at 'the wound'.

Back to 'the year that was'----
March - 'Makeover the back yard' month (a.k.a. fence&fernery or f''n'f month)

Therese and John came to Sydney for a wedding and stayed the night here, Monique and Ryan moved to Queensland to live,and I entered my re-cycled sunglasses jewellery in the Castle Hill show, all in the first few days of the month. It was time now for a new fence--at last---.I get all excited at projects like this because it gives me the chance to re-arrange things and create a new look. Kevin ,of course, is not so happy because he has to do any heavy work that's needed.
We moved our fish ponds and enclosed them with sandstone blocks, moved the orchid house and palm trees ,bought more ferns and created a nice tropical look area. The new fence is cream and the new hanging pots and the sandstone blend beautifully with it.
I won 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize in my catergory at the show (which sounds like I'm really clever, until I tell you that I was the only person to enter in that catergory) I still got a buzz seing my work displayed.--see photo in fab-feb post.
I spent a traumatic few days culling my large accumulation of craft and cooking books. It was hard being honest with myself and admitting that although I love the pattern/receipe I really had no intention of making it. Soooo now I have a small collection of books I just might use and my son has a nice addition to his next garage sale- a win-win for all.
We had our grand-daughter's 16th birthday party here. Noisy and fun, just what the young ones like.
Would you believe Kevin had 2 (yes 2) minor car accidents this month, both times he ran into the car in front. A shock to his belief in his 'safe distance to the car ahead' judgement. No one was hurt.
We took Mum to Bargo to see her sister, and we continued on to the farm for a birthday party for our grand-son. It was a lovely day.
Our parish priest came to visit Mum and she enjoyed seeing him.He gave her Communion.

So that was my Fence-Fernery&Farm month.
Have to go now app.

See you soon Barb

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thanks for sticking with me through my sad efforts at technical proficiency. Still, I got there in the end and now everything is in the one place--thanks to Kevin.

NOW on to Fab February

This month I started to make some pendants out of old lenses from spectacles and sun glasses. I used decouparge and paint on some and the reflective sunny lenses I cut and drilled. It was a lot of fun sharing the workshop and tools with my husband. I plan to do more for Christmas.
I entered these ones into the Castle Hill Show and was lucky enough to win a prize

My brother and brother-in-law had given kevin and I tickets for the stage show 'Wicked' this month. It was brilliant. The costumes were incredible and the colours amazing. It was a wonderful evening and we thank them very much for such a special treat.

We had our Granddaughter and her fiancee over for tea so we could say Goodbye to them before they went to Townsville to live. He is in the army and this is where his base is.

We went to our friend's son's house to see the new kitchen he put in. It has the most amazing red glass splashback with a large orange Bird of Paradise on it. Spectacular..

We had lots of visits from our grandchildren because of the school holidays. Good fun.

We spent a few days going backwards and forewards helping another friend pack up her ornaments etc. ready for her flat to be painted.

Bye for now Barb

Feb was a Fab month