Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my year in review

I spend a lot of time every year making christmas presents and decorations sometimes using recycled bits and pieces that I dolly-up. I'm not sure if my family always like the things I make but they accept them with smiles so I keep them coming. Sometimes I like what I make so much I enter some pieces in the local shows and I have won some prizes over the years --- Good Fun. My latest pieces were pendants made from old sunglasses. Wait for pictures. My year did have some highlights,like in Oct when Mum had cateracts taken off her eyes and my sisters came to stay with us. One sister for each eye, Mum enjoyed that part. Then in Nov we had to take Mum hospital with atrial fibulation. We had gone to the Dr for scripts and Mum asked him to check her blood pressure. When he did, he said her pulse was irregular and she had to go straight to hospital for monitoring. Mum said said "I'll go after I meet my friends for lunch". He said "No lunch, hospital now or I'll call an ambulance to the surgery for you." She said "I'll miss out on my hot chips" ---at the hospital they found out Mum had a clot in her lung. After a

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