Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's now an hour or more later and I still havent been able to put a photo on my blog. (big sigh)

We shall now visit Dec 2009
Would you believe my husband and my dog both had to go to hospital for day surgery?
Kevin had another attempt made to insert a stent into his artery, but again no-go. He has to take things easy and not exhaust himself and the cardiologist will check him again in 2010. More
As for the dog--well he had impacted anal glands and was in a lot of pain. It took three people to hold him down while the vet pushed and squeezed.(not a preety sight) Finally he was a tender but relieved little dog. He subdued for a few days.
12th Dec was our GreatGrandaughter's first birthday.That was a happy day.She got a nice lot of presents. We are very proud of her.She is a happy,healthy baby who smiles a lot. I took some nice photos which I hope one day to be able to post for your viewing............
We had a lovely Christmas Day Lunch at home with Mum then visited some special friends
later in the afternoon. Nice day.
Before the month was over I had taken down all the decorations and packed them away for next
NOW comes the best time of all-----preparing for Mum's birthday in January. Parties are my thing.I take every chance I can to organise a get together/party.
Talk to you soon

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  1. Praise God for answered prayers! And poor Kyton!Thank goodness there's no poto of his ordeal...or is there?!! Looking forward to hearing more about the parties..