Wednesday, July 14, 2010

excuse my mistakes

Sorry about the last entry stopping ubruptly,I was trying to create a parragraph. I'll try again.
It looks like it worked.
Thank you Kevin,now I can seperate all the bits I write so it's not just one big lump of words.
(getting old-er is a bit of a problem when the memory won't work)

O.K ----back to November-----
Mum had a few days in hospital. The day she came home we got a call to say her (then 99yo) sister had taken a turn and was dying. Lots of prayer time later,she rallied and is still alive and looks like reaching her 100th in Feb.2011
Kevin(my hubby) had to have an angiogram because his arteries were blocked again.
AND on the 29th we had Our Christmas Get-together with the family. This is my special party. We have a Kris Kringle for pressies,lights,cameras,and good food and good wishes for all. We were extra thankfull at that party.

Thats it for now, and I'm glad to say the rest of my year was not so dramatic. More of that later

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  1. Yes Barb, we had much to be thankful for and still do ! btw the blog is going great ! Can't wait to read more about the year that was..