Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello World, this is "babblingonbarb"and I'm happy to report that with the help of my husband I have successfully copied and pasted the 3 posts from my other blog to this blog. This is the blog I'll be using from now on. Smart husbands are great. Enjoy my internet blunderings.
I'm closing now and wish you all a good night.
I have been trying to merge this blog ( with my other blog ( but -- no go. This means I have had to re-think this situation and I figure the best thing to do is to leave the blogs as they are and just tell people to check the other(?) blog. SO------if you'd like to see photos of my winter collection of hats, please go to babblingonbarb. I will post hints and clues about whats on what blog and you can all have fun crisscrossing back and forth. We should all have a lot of fun. Bye for now Barb
Hi World, I'm learning how to work my blogs with the help of my husband and e-mails and phone calls from my sister.A friends daughter told me she thinks it's good that someone of my generation is interested in technology---(ouch,am I really that old? I guess I am. Sigh) This comment spurred me on to learning more about what I could do with my computer and this is the result,a blog learning curve.Bye for now, Barb
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Hello World, I thought I would let you know that it's my birthday tomorrow, I'll be 68 and I intend to reach 100. I have a 93yo mum and a 99yo aunt so I think my chances are pretty good. I like birthdays because they make you ask yourself "What did I do in the last year?" Ive been thinking about this a lot and I'll check my calender and make a list and let you know what my year was like. Bye for now, Barb.

One blog to another

Hello World, my blog merging efforts were dismal failures. Lack of knowledge can be a problem. So I'm going with the flow and leaving my blogs as they are. I will post to both and give hints about whats on what blog. My other blog is "" and this one is "" - fun for all, I hope. See you soon, Barb
I have totally confused myself and have lost posts and blogspots--- you name it I've mucked it up. Merging my two blogs didn't work--I figure it's because they have the same e-mail address.But then I could be wrong!!!! Here goes-- I shall post this and see where it ends up


barbsbabbling: encouragement

barbsbabbling: encouragement: "Hi World, I'm learning how to work my blogs with the help of my husband and e-mails and phone calls from my sister. A friends daughter told ..."

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More of my collection

White hat is from a book it's a spiral snail-shell design using circular needles.

A few more
designs I made. Variations on a theme.

This one is trimmed with blue beads.

The pink and grey hat looks like an upside-down bowl with bumps

More fun

Side view of swirley flower.
Headband and optional way to wear scarf.

hat and neck wrap

A little bit of fun making this set, I didn't like the way the pattern in the book was working out so "I Did It My Way" and it worked out fine.---(in my opinion, that is)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mum's Birthday

January 2010
Gwen came and permed Mum's hair for her birthday. Trish and Daniel came to be with
Gwen and I while Mum had skin cancer cut out of her arm.( any excuse for a get together )

Our granddaughter Monique had her engagement party.

All in all a good month.

Kevin with our Gt granddaughter Lyla Mae.

I told you she is beautiful

As youcan see she is chubby like her gt-grandfather

Big eyes and curly hair.

look a photo on the blog !!!!! These decorations were made with the plastic ring seals from milk and juice bottles. I crocheted around them and put beads on them. And now I'm writing in
italics------clever eh!! if only I knew what to do to change back---- another lesson, another day. Barb
hello photos
It's now an hour or more later and I still havent been able to put a photo on my blog. (big sigh)

We shall now visit Dec 2009
Would you believe my husband and my dog both had to go to hospital for day surgery?
Kevin had another attempt made to insert a stent into his artery, but again no-go. He has to take things easy and not exhaust himself and the cardiologist will check him again in 2010. More
As for the dog--well he had impacted anal glands and was in a lot of pain. It took three people to hold him down while the vet pushed and squeezed.(not a preety sight) Finally he was a tender but relieved little dog. He subdued for a few days.
12th Dec was our GreatGrandaughter's first birthday.That was a happy day.She got a nice lot of presents. We are very proud of her.She is a happy,healthy baby who smiles a lot. I took some nice photos which I hope one day to be able to post for your viewing............
We had a lovely Christmas Day Lunch at home with Mum then visited some special friends
later in the afternoon. Nice day.
Before the month was over I had taken down all the decorations and packed them away for next
NOW comes the best time of all-----preparing for Mum's birthday in January. Parties are my thing.I take every chance I can to organise a get together/party.
Talk to you soon
Hello World, I'm back and hopefully I can put photos on my page so you can see the kind of things I do.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

excuse my mistakes

Sorry about the last entry stopping ubruptly,I was trying to create a parragraph. I'll try again.
It looks like it worked.
Thank you Kevin,now I can seperate all the bits I write so it's not just one big lump of words.
(getting old-er is a bit of a problem when the memory won't work)

O.K ----back to November-----
Mum had a few days in hospital. The day she came home we got a call to say her (then 99yo) sister had taken a turn and was dying. Lots of prayer time later,she rallied and is still alive and looks like reaching her 100th in Feb.2011
Kevin(my hubby) had to have an angiogram because his arteries were blocked again.
AND on the 29th we had Our Christmas Get-together with the family. This is my special party. We have a Kris Kringle for pressies,lights,cameras,and good food and good wishes for all. We were extra thankfull at that party.

Thats it for now, and I'm glad to say the rest of my year was not so dramatic. More of that later

my year in review

I spend a lot of time every year making christmas presents and decorations sometimes using recycled bits and pieces that I dolly-up. I'm not sure if my family always like the things I make but they accept them with smiles so I keep them coming. Sometimes I like what I make so much I enter some pieces in the local shows and I have won some prizes over the years --- Good Fun. My latest pieces were pendants made from old sunglasses. Wait for pictures. My year did have some highlights,like in Oct when Mum had cateracts taken off her eyes and my sisters came to stay with us. One sister for each eye, Mum enjoyed that part. Then in Nov we had to take Mum hospital with atrial fibulation. We had gone to the Dr for scripts and Mum asked him to check her blood pressure. When he did, he said her pulse was irregular and she had to go straight to hospital for monitoring. Mum said said "I'll go after I meet my friends for lunch". He said "No lunch, hospital now or I'll call an ambulance to the surgery for you." She said "I'll miss out on my hot chips" ---at the hospital they found out Mum had a clot in her lung. After a

Monday, July 12, 2010


I like Mondays because we pick up my friend Merle and we go to the club for Bingo. The prizes are all meat trays, and I love the look on Mum's face whenever she wins one. We sit at the same table with the same people every week so we know each other pretty well. Mum and a couple of the ladies have been sitting together for about 10 years now so it's a great social morning. After lunch Merle and I play cards while Mum plays the pokies and the hubby reads his book. I put $5 in the pokies (and mostly loose it) and that's my limit. We don't say how much we loose or win, only if we did loose or win. We drink coffee and attempt to solve the riddles of life. Good fun. I had a very relaxed birthday and received some contributitons to my France Fund.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello World, this is all new to me so please be patient while I learn how to blog successfully---I hope. Today(10-july) is my birthday (68 today) and this blog is my present to myself. I decided Ican't let my grandchildren have all the fun-----SO ---hello world here I come --ready or not!!! Talk to you later, Barb